YES Works...with the Marketplace

Volunteers and YES staff use state-of the-art computers, audio and video equipment to teach teens technical skills and expose them to the creative process. Teens also learn the basics of business, such as how to sell products and ideas. This gives teens experience they can use in any career. Best of all, creating and selling their own products rewards teens with something that's priceless: pride in their work and in themselves.

Teens learn more than technical skills using YES digital sound mixing boards, digital video cameras, and computer graphics and postproduction equipment. They also gain life lessons in self-confidence, open communication and respect for others. Not only do teens learn to set and reach goals at YES, but they also share the results of their work with family, friends and the community and around the world. YES teaches teens how teamwork, faith and hard work can make their dreams become a reality.

What teen wouldn't want their own music on a CD they made? Making music, videos and other products at YES gives teens positive outlets to express their fears, hopes and dreams.