The Story of Adam Ballard

Adam came to the 1995 YES Film/TV Camp with a dream and left with product and a plan. Adam, like so many other talented teens living in urban America, only needed a chance to show what he could do. He took full advantage of the opportunities afforded him at two subsequent YES Summer Camps and produced and directed a filmed public service announcement for the Boys and Girls Clubs in the summer of 1997. He also followed up on contacts with TV industry leaders and YES Board of Advisors Members like John Lynch of Lynch Entertainment and Brian O'Neal, Vice President of Children's Programming for CBS to land internships on the Nickelodeon show "The Secret World of Alex Mack" and with CBS' Children's Division. Adam is on a mission to become a top film writer/director and if his past is any indication of his future, Steven Spielberg and Spike Lee are beginning to feel a few nudges to make room.


Adam produced and directed a filmed public service announcement for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Very recently Adam was selected as one of thirty Americans to be profiled by CBS News Anchor Dan Rather in his book entitled The American Dream." In the book Dan Rather describes Adam's childhood hopes and the stress placed on them by the harsh realities of his surroundings in Compton, California.

Read what Dan Rather and others are saying about YES.

Adam credits YES with helping to encourage his dream and his family with providing him with a rock solid foundation upon which to build.


We have observed many other stories of how participation in YES Media Clubs and the YES AMERICA Summer Programs have helped students discover their own capabilities and begin to make good decisions about their lives.